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What Amusement Parks Say In Court To Avoid Paying Personal Injury Claims

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Amusement parks are designed with safety in mind, but sometimes they fail to live up to those standards. If you believe that you’ve been wrongly injured anywhere on amusement park grounds, you have every right to sue for damages, but don’t expect your opponent to go down easy. To help you prepare for the battle ahead, here are some of the most common defenses amusement parks use to get out of paying up: Read More»

3 Ways To Improve Your Emails During The Divorce Process

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When you’re getting divorced, it will be hard for you to effectively communicate with your spouse. However, it is absolutely critical that you make sure that you are able to get the information that you need and give the information that your spouse needs in order for the divorce to be processed as quickly as possible. There is a good chance that you will be communicating by email, since it is easy to document and quick to send and get a response. Read More»

Trucking Accidents: How Employment, Brake Setup, & Cargo Can Affect Liability

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If you’ve been involved in a collision with a big rig truck, it’s important to contact a qualified accident attorney as soon as you are able. While many of the same laws that apply to conventional automobile accidents also apply to trucking accidents, there are a few differences regarding liability. The following discusses some of the most common issues that arise during trucking accident lawsuits. Independent Operators Vs. Employees Liability in a trucking accident depends, in part, on whether or not the driver of the truck was working as an independent owner/operator, or is employed solely by one company. Read More»

The Dangers Of Recanting A Domestic Violence Report

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You and your significant other got into a fight and the police ended up at the scene. You either said something in a moment of anger or felt pressured into filing a complaint - and your significant other was arrested on a domestic violence charge. You want to straighten out the mess and stop the process. Can you? Someone Committed A Crime Essentially, the problem is this: either your significant other committed a crime or you did (at least according to the prosecutor). Read More»

What You Should Know About Car Accidents Involving Hands-Free Devices

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There are currently 14 states that have laws in effect that prohibit the use of cellphones and other types of electronic devices while driving. These laws are in place to protect other drivers and to prevent accidents; however, accidents can still occur when people are using hands-free devices while driving. If you are in an accident with someone that was using a hands-free device, he or she may still be liable for the accident. Read More»