Workers Compensation 101

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Workers' Compensation Deposition: What To Expect And Guidelines To Follow

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One part of the workers’ compensation claims process that you might face is being called for a deposition. During the deposition, your employer’s insurance company will ask questions about your injuries and the accident which led to them. It is important that you are prepared for it. Here are some tips for getting through the deposition. What Can You Expect? The deposition for a workers’ compensation claim is similar to other depositions taken in other types of legal cases. Read More»

Doing The Math When Deciding To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

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You were injured in an accident or another incident because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Now an insurance company has offered you a settlement, but you want to negotiate for a higher amount. Does it make sense to attempt this on your own or should you hire a lawyer for legal representation? Doing the math in regard to settlements and attorney fees can help you decide.  Contingency Fees Personal injury attorneys typically don’t charge direct fees. Read More»

3 Ways Your Credit Affects Your Life

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Filing for bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make in your life. While it can help to wipe out all of your old debt, it can also leave you with a credit record that is less than superior. It causes many people to be leery about getting credit again because they are worried about slipping back into the same type of situation that brought them down in the first place. Read More»

Divorce Considerations When Your Spouse Lives Out Of State

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Most couples file for divorce while living in the same city or region, but this is not the case for everyone. If you plan to file for divorce and your spouse lives out of state, the matter becomes more complex than the typical divorce. Here is a look at some of the most critical factors involved when you and your spouse live in different locations: Jurisdiction States respect the divorce rulings made by other jurisdictions, so having a divorce granted by one recognized by another is not a problem. Read More»

3 Misconceptions About Mediation And The Truth

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Mediation can be an effective means of settling disputes in a divorce. Unfortunately, some people never consider mediation due to preconceived notions and misinformation about the process. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth about mediation. Lawyers Are Not Needed Even though the divorcing couple works with a mediator to negotiate and settle disputes, lawyers are still needed. Lawyers perform a number of tasks including explaining the legal rights of each party and helping to create solutions to problems. Read More»