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Rules To Keep In Mind When Filing An Auto Accident Lawsuit In Arkansas

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If you were recently in a car crash, then you are probably dealing with a lot of different sources of stress. You might have some pretty hefty medical bills and auto repair bills, which can ultimately add up to a lot of money that you are forced to pay. To help make these burdens a little easier to bear, you could file a lawsuit. However, lawsuits are not ideal for every situation, and the individual laws in your state can make or break your lawsuit before it even gets to court. Read More»

Is Your Personal Injury Claim Heading To Court? Watch What You Wear!

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If you pay attention to celebrity news, you might think from watching cases involving celebrities that pajamas (like those worn by Michael Jackson) are appropriate courtroom attire. Alternately, if you take your cues from actresses like Lindsay Lohan, you could be led to believe that sheer body suits are acceptable for court. While most people know that the above examples aren’t acceptable for court, figuring out what is acceptable can be difficult. Read More»

Deconstructing Divorce: Going With A Legal Separation Due To Religious Reasons

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For many people who are religious, marriage is as much a religious institution as a social institution. Many religions discourage or even outright forbid divorces. If you are a member of a religion that bans divorce, but you and your spouse no longer wish to be together, you can explore a legal separation. Here are some reasons why a legal separation is a good measure for those who need to be on the cusp of legal marriage but lead separate lives. Read More»

Getting Started With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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If you are having some financial hardships, then you might have considered filing for bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy is not for everyone, so you should know all the facts before your commit. To help you out in that respect, here is an overview of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, one of the primary options for alleviating debt: What is Chapter 13? The short version is that Chapter 13 is a repayment plan that effectively restructures your various debts into a single debt that is to be paid over the course of three to five years, in payments that are made either once or twice a month. Read More»

Timing Is Everything: Assets That Can Go Directly To Heirs When You Die, Assets They Wait For

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When you have a significant amount of money to leave to your heirs, how your money is tied up or invested can make a big difference as to when your heirs will get the money you have left behind. While you might want to create a trust that is funded with your assets once you die, you can also name beneficiaries specifically on some of your assets that will then go directly to the beneficiary upon your death without having to be probated in court. Read More»