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3 Ways To Save Money When Getting Divorced

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If you are going through a divorce, there are many hidden small ways that the cost of your divorce can quickly rise. Here are three ways to keep control of the cost of your divorce.

#1 Keep Your Emails & Conversations On Topics

In the day and age of instant communication, it can be easy to want to just send off a quick email to your attorney every time that you have a question or give them a quick call. However, every time you send an email or ask your attorney to call you, you are accumulating billable hours. Every interaction with your attorney costs you.

Instead of sending off multiple quick emails or leaving multiple messages throughout the day, write down everything in a notebook app on your phone or on an actual notebook. Then, using your notes, send a detailed email or call your attorney and work through each point quickly. 

Keeping your conversations and emails on topic will help you limit your attorney's billable hours while still ensuring that you get the legal advice that you need. 

#2 Be Truthful From The Start

The second way you can save money is by being truthful from the start about everything having to do with your divorce. Having all the information from the beginning will help your attorney develop a strong case for you.

If you hide bills or assets from your attorney, you are just creating more work for your attorney and running up the fees associated with your divorce. If unexpected bills or assets come up after almost everything is worked out, your attorney is going to have to go back and work in the missing information and perhaps change the entire agreement based on what was hidden. This can add up to a lot of extra billable hours for you.

#3 Divide Personal Affects With Your Spouse

The third way to reduce your divorce expenses is by getting together with your spouse outside of the attorney's office to divide personal assets. Many personal assets may have a lot of personal meaning to both of you, but don't have significant resale value and don't require an attorney to split them up.

If you are still living together, take some time to figure out who will get what once you find separate residence. Let your attorney know that you have split your personal assets on your own so they can add that information to your Judgement of Divorce. 

Keep your divorce attorney costs low by keeping your communication with your attorney on-topic and concise, and make sure that you are truthful. Work together with your spouse to split up personal items to limit the work your attorneys need to do; the more you and your spouse can come to mutual agreements together, the more you'll both save on attorney fees.