Workers Compensation 101

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Facts You Need To Keep In Mind If You Want To Have A Smooth Divorce Process

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In most cases, marriage dissolution comes with a host of challenges that might bring confusion and stress to you, your partner, and your kids. For example, living away from your family might cause high emotions that would challenge your ability to make informed decisions. And as a result, you may end up making mistakes that could delay or mess up the process. Your separation can be easier if you know what to expect. Read More»

What Now? Find Out What You Should Be Doing After Getting Turned Down For SSDI

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It can be difficult for those unable to work to be turned down for the benefits they need so badly. However, many applicants do get denied and must move on to the next steps. If you have applied and been turned down for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), read below and learn what you should be doing next. Read Your Letter The Social Security Administration (SSA) sends all applicants a letter by mail letting them know that their benefits have been denied. Read More»

What Can You Do About Employment Discrimination?

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Discrimination cases can come up in everyday life, especially if you’re a woman, a person of color, or someone who has disabilities. If you believe you’ve been discriminated against at your place of employment, there are steps you can take to make sure your employer understands their responsibility. Suing Your Employer After Termination You cannot sue your employer for unfair practices until you have been terminated. You must wait until you leave your job to file a lawsuit. Read More»

The Driver Who Causes The Accident Is At Fault Even After A Hydroplaning Incident

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Rainfall can cause the roads to become slick and dangerous. However, if the rain is heavy enough, the driver might even lose full control of their vehicle as the tires fail to maintain contact with the road. This can lead to the vehicle no longer having any traction while traveling at a high speed. The driver might try to use the fact that they were hydroplaning as an excuse for the accident, but the driver will likely still be held responsible. Read More»

The Importance Of Making Valid Wills

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Wills are essential legal instruments used to determine the distribution of a decedent’s estate. Thus, people should ensure they have valid wills, stipulating how to share their wealth. Usually, people who die without valid wills subject their estates to the intestacy process, allowing state courts to determine their distribution. Having a valid will ensures that you maintain control of your estate’s distribution after your death. Furthermore, those who die without valid wills usually put their families through long, arduous, and contentious probate proceedings, whereas making a will is easy. Read More»