Workers Compensation 101

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Criminal And Civil Lawyers Occasionally Handle The Same Case

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Generally, criminal law and civil law don’t intersect on the same case. They both deal with the law, but they cover different aspects. However, there are some times when they do intersect when criminal and civil law can be used on the same case. One of those times is during a wrongful death suit.  Criminal Case A wrongful death case can come from a murder case. If a suspect kills someone, they are arrested and put on trial. Read More»

Three Things to Do Immediately after Receiving a Divorce Notice

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The period immediately after receiving divorce papers can be confusing and frustrating. This is especially true if you weren’t anticipating such a move from your spouse. However, you need to act fast to safeguard your interests. Here are three things you should do immediately: Scrutinize the Papers After you have calmed down, take the time to read the divorce papers; they contain important information that you need to know and confirm. Read More»

3 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Assault Criminal Law Case

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Assault is a serious crime. Individuals charged with this crime could end up facing some serious jail time, depending on the severity of the offense. Even though you might be innocent, there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow to make sure you don’t find yourself in even worse trouble than what you are already. Allowing the court to do its job and determine your innocence or guilt is important. Read More»

Can You Sue An Uninsured Foreign Citizen In U.S. Civil Court?

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Being involved in an auto accident that’s not your fault is never a good experience – but if you find yourself suffering injuries or facing expensive car repairs after colliding with a citizen of another country who doesn’t have auto insurance, you may fear you’ll face even more administrative and logistical headaches when trying to collect damages. Can you sue a foreign citizen in a U.S. court for damages resulting from an accident? Read More»

Workers' Compensation Myths Refuted

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When you suffer the unfortunate luck of being injured at work, you can plummet into an intense period of financial turmoil. To protect you from the worst financial consequences of these injuries, there are workers’ compensation policies that will cover the costs of treating your injuries and the wages that you missed. However, there are many misconceptions that can confuse individuals who need this protection. After you have these two myths refuted, you should find that you have a better idea about how to proceed following a workplace injury. Read More»