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What To Expect If You Will Be On House Arrest

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If you are facing a DUI crime and are trying to work out a plan that allows you to serve your time through house arrest instead of in jail, it is highly important to understand what to expect from house arrest before you pursue this option. House arrest is not a piece of cake, and it requires following a lot of rules. Here are several things you should expect if you plan to use this to serve your time. Read More»

Factors That Can Increase The Severity Of A Loitering Charge

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Loitering isn’t necessarily a serious criminal charge, but it’s still something that can result in you getting arrested and needing to mount a defense with the help of a local attorney from a criminal law office. Sometimes, people are charged with loitering and other charges; in other cases, you may simply be charged with loitering following an incident of you remaining in an area after being told to leave. Some loitering charges can be relatively easy for a skilled attorney to defend, while others are more challenging. Read More»

Understanding Long Term Disability Benefits

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Many employers offer their employees short term disability policies and long term disability policies. IT is also possible to purchase these types of policies on your own to protect yourself in the event that you may need them. People often use short term disability benefits for things such as recovering from childbirth, a surgery, or an injury or illness. In most cases, employ-sponsored short term disability policies will require a person to exhaust all paid time off before being eligible for short term disability benefits. Read More»

Is A Rear-End Collision Always Your Fault?

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If you ask someone about a rear-end collision on the roadway, they will likely tell you that the driver who did the rear-ending during the collision is always at fault. As true as this may be in some cases, it is actually a presumption that is only partially true. There are certain circumstances when you may rear-end another driver and the fault will not be totally on you, which means if you are injured, you may be able to file a personal injury claim with a car accident attorney. Read More»

Dealing With The Legal Side Of Obtaining Private Equity

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Starting out in the business world can be exciting, especially when your company gets to the point that you want to start bringing in private equity to fund its expansion. It’s easy to see why you might need to hire a venture funding attorney at that time, but you may also have to seek the help of people with other specialties. Let’s take a look at some of the issues you’ll face as your company starts riding the growth curve. Read More»