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Different Ways Trucks Can Cause Accidents

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Truckers have very important jobs. They are often responsible for transporting necessities including water and food to grocery stores where you will then be able to buy them. Truckers also deliver everything from the hygiene products you fill your bathroom cabinets with all the way down to the kitty litter your cat uses. Without truck drivers, you would need to grow your own food and even make your own clothing and furniture. However, there are some types of accidents that trucks can be at a higher risk of being involved in due to their size and design. You don't want to end up involved in an accident with a truck. If you are, then you want to get yourself an attorney. Here are some of the types of accidents trucks can be prone to.

Rollovers – Trucks can be prone to rollover accidents. The design of semi-trucks makes it so that, if the truck has to make a sudden and unexpected maneuver, the truck may roll. Not only can any type of vehicle end up having a collision with other vehicles in the midst of a rollover, but the truck's much larger size means it is even more likely to involve other vehicles when it suffers a rollover accident.

Jackknifes – Jackknife is the terminology that is used to describe a truck that has found itself in the situation where its cab and trailer forms a 90-degree angle. This situation is usually caused by braking fast and hard. This is generally done due to something like a car cutting the truck off or something ending up in the truck's path unexpectedly. When the truck jackknifes, it can end up colliding with other vehicles as well.

Tire blowouts – 18-wheelers have many tires to travel on and, while this is great for them, it's not great for someone who happens to be near one of the truck's tires when the truck has a blowout. The blowout can cause the tire's tread to fly through the air and fall into the windshield of another vehicle with great force. Not only can this cause damage to the vehicle's windshield, but it can cause the vehicle to have an accident.  

Lost loads – No matter how well a truck's load has been secured, there are still things that can happen that can lead to the hardware that secures the load to being compromised in a way that causes the load to be lost. Should the load come off of the truck while it is traveling, then the load can cause accidents, both with vehicles that are hit by the debris and by vehicles that are affected by the load loss in a number of other ways.


No matter how a truck has led to you being involved in an accident, you are going to want to secure an attorney for yourself who will help you throughout the lawsuit process. Reach out to a trucking accidents attorney near you today for more help.