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Bankruptcy Versus Debt Consolidation Loans: One Quick Question Reveals Which Is Best For You

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If finances are a major problem for you right now, you are probably looking for an effective way to deal with your debt and all the stress that goes along with it. Two of the most popular alternatives for dealing with debt today are bankruptcy and debt consolidation loans. Each of these methods can be a very effective way to erase debt, but they couldn’t be more different. With bankruptcy, the debts don’t have to be paid at all. Read More»

Thinking About Urban Agriculture? Here's What You Need To Know Legally

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Urban agriculture is becoming a very popular ting across the country. From front-yard farms to rooftop gardens, new pieces of urban agriculture are being created almost every day. Some do it to save money, while others do it to improve their health. Whatever the case may be, just make sure that you’re complying will the law before you start planting, tending or even selling any of the produce that you acquire from your land. Read More»

7 Steps To A Successful Demand Letter

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If you are the victim of a careless driver and are seeking compensation, the demand letter is a powerful tool in your fight to be fairly compensated. This document sums up all the important aspects of your personal injury case, from your medical treatment to your demands. Whether you are on your own, or represented by a personal injury attorney, the importance of this letter cannot be overstated. Read on for 7 steps to a successful demand letter. Read More»

Tips For Getting Compensation For Damages Caused By Neighbor's Rainwater

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You might have done a lot of work on your house to make sure that the water from the rain does not damage your basement or cause any other problems on your property. You feel certain that these measures will be adequate as long as no one deliberately puts water in your house. However, you notice after the last rainfall that you are still suffering water damage due to the fact that your neighbor that is on top of the hill diverted his or her rainwater so that it ran directly into your property, rather than into the road or a storm drain. Read More»

Questions To Ask A Criminal Defense Attorney

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Finding yourself in a situation where you need the services of a criminal defense attorney can be one of the most stressful and difficult periods of anyone’s life. If you find yourself involved in a situation that could end in the deprivation of your freedom, it’s vital that you take every possible step to satisfy the criminal justice system while simultaneously protecting your interests. Below, you’ll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your criminal defense attorney. Read More»