Workers Compensation 101

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Why You Should Consider Plea Bargaining

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Why do people accept plea bargain offers if it eliminates the chance of getting lighters sentences from the judge or jury? Well, there are several advantages of plea bargaining, for example, you:  Know Exactly What You Are Getting If your case goes before a judge or jury, then it becomes very difficult to predict what will happen to you. Sure, your lawyer will probably tell you the maximum and minimum sentencing your charges carry, but these tend to vary widely. Read More»

How Can I Get SSI For My Child?

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SSI stands for Social Security Income. SSI a benefits program for qualifying disabled children and elderly people. The SSI program is run by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Many parents of children who qualify for SSI aren’t even aware that SSI exists, or that it is a benefit available to their child. If your child is disabled—mentally or physically—he or she may qualify for SSI.  Who Qualifies For SSI? SSI is available to some low-income children who have been diagnosed with a physical or mental disability. Read More»

Plan For Financial Security After Personal Injury

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Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall or a fight, the costs of your injuries can go far beyond medical bills. Lost wages, lower earning potential and less enjoyment in life all have a major impact on your financial future. Before accepting a personal injury settlement, consider a few factors of financial changes in the future that can affect how the settlement works for you. Read More»

Workers' Compensation Deposition: What To Expect And Guidelines To Follow

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One part of the workers’ compensation claims process that you might face is being called for a deposition. During the deposition, your employer’s insurance company will ask questions about your injuries and the accident which led to them. It is important that you are prepared for it. Here are some tips for getting through the deposition. What Can You Expect? The deposition for a workers’ compensation claim is similar to other depositions taken in other types of legal cases. Read More»

Doing The Math When Deciding To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

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You were injured in an accident or another incident because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Now an insurance company has offered you a settlement, but you want to negotiate for a higher amount. Does it make sense to attempt this on your own or should you hire a lawyer for legal representation? Doing the math in regard to settlements and attorney fees can help you decide.  Contingency Fees Personal injury attorneys typically don’t charge direct fees. Read More»