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Protecting Your Child: When to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer After a Minor Collision

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Even minor car collisions can be distressing, especially when they involve your child. While it may seem unnecessary to involve a lawyer in seemingly small incidents, sometimes it’s the best course of action. Here’s why and when you should consider contacting a car accident lawyer after your child has been involved in a minor collision. Understanding Legal Rights As a parent or guardian, it’s crucial to understand your child’s rights following a car accident. Read More»

Three Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A First-Time Arrest For Driving Under The Influence

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If you’ve been arrested for the first time because you were driving under the influence, do not admit to wrongdoing and let an attorney do the talking for you. The last thing you should do is answer a lot of questions and plead guilty to any charges filed against you. Although it is true that it could be difficult for an attorney to have the charges against you dropped, there are a few things an attorney can do for you after a DUI arrest. Read More»

What To Expect During The Personal Injury Process

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Getting injured from another person’s mistake, negligence, or intention might give you the legal right to sue the person. If you sue them, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to assist. The lawyer will handle the case and walk you through the process. But what is the process? What steps must you complete during your case? Keep reading to learn more about the steps and process. Choose a lawyer  Before you do anything else, look for a lawyer. Read More»

Types Of Divorce Lawyers: Understanding The Differences

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Divorce is a difficult and emotional process, and having the right divorce lawyer can make all the difference. However, not all divorce lawyers are the same. There are several different types of divorce lawyers, each with their own areas of expertise and ways of working. Here are some of the types of divorce lawyers you may encounter and what they can offer. Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Collaborative divorce lawyers specialize in helping couples reach a divorce agreement outside of court. Read More»

5 Examples Of Cases A Mass Tort Lawyer Can Work On

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Do you feel like you are involved in a legal matter that could benefit from help from a mass tort lawyer? It will definitely help to know some examples of the kind of cases they work on, so you can then determine if they are a right fit for your case.  Defective Product Cases  One common mass tort case is for defective products. A mass tort lawyer can help represent you and others in court when you are trying to prove that a product caused many people to become injured. Read More»