Workers Compensation 101

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Tempted To Handle Your DUI Case Alone? Why You Shouldn't Do That

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Whether this is your first or second DUI, it really is not something that you will want to go into court for unless you have the best possible legal representation. Too many people make the error of deciding that they would just rather represent themselves, thinking that by not retaining an attorney that they will get the same outcome and save money in the process. That is not usually how it turns out. Read More»

Splitting Up Property: Divorce Law Services Even When The Divorce Is Amicable

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A divorce may be amicable, but emotions can get in the way when it becomes time to talk about property division. If you have been married for a long time, chances are high that you have plenty of marital assets to consider. Even when you haven’t been married for very long, you may have accumulated wealth together that needs to be divided up. In the event you have marital debts, this is also property that must be divided up in a divorce. Read More»

3 Tips For Success To Grow Your Business Through International Trade

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When it comes to growing your business, sometimes, if you want your business to keep growing, you need to look beyond the domestic borders that you have been working within, and you need to start looking further. If you are ready to consider entering the international trade market, you need to make sure you have some idea of how to succeed in an international market Research the Market Before you start setting up business deals, you need to research the market that you are interested in entering. Read More»

Different Ways Trucks Can Cause Accidents

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Truckers have very important jobs. They are often responsible for transporting necessities including water and food to grocery stores where you will then be able to buy them. Truckers also deliver everything from the hygiene products you fill your bathroom cabinets with all the way down to the kitty litter your cat uses. Without truck drivers, you would need to grow your own food and even make your own clothing and furniture. Read More»

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean To Your Workers' Compensation Coverage?

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Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is an often-used term to describe the medical status of the injured. You might hear MMI used in connection to both personal injury law (car accidents, for example) and in workers’ compensation cases. Its meaning is the same regardless of its use, however. MMI is used to describe an injury that has reached a plateau where no additional improvement is expected. Read on to find out more about how a ruling of MMI will affect your workers’ compensation benefit case. Read More»