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Can a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Get You Out of a Speeding Ticket?

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Speeding tickets do more than just cost you a few hundreds of dollars. If you have been slapped with a speeding fine, your auto insurance company may increase your premiums. Therefore, while paying off a speeding ticket seems like the simple thing to do, it can taint your driving record. Therefore, consider approaching a lawyer to fight the ticket in court. A speeding ticket lawyer can use the following tactics to beat the ticket and save you money.

Argue for Necessary Speeding

One defense that may get you out of a speeding ticket is arguing for necessity. If you had no option but to speed, you could use the circumstance to fight the ticket. Some examples of situations that necessitate speeding include:

  • Speeding to avoid an accident
  • A medical emergency
  • A mechanical problem with your vehicle
  • Speeding to avoid an obstacle on the road

Some situations may necessitate speeding, but they aren't usable as a defense. These include:

  • Rushing to meet a meeting deadline
  • Speeding to avoid missing a flight or exam

For your speeding ticket to be reviewed, you need to provide proof. For example, if you were unwell or were driving someone to the emergency room, you need a medical report as evidence. Therefore, if you had a problem that necessitated speeding, a lawyer can help you fight the violation.

Dispute Radar Gun Accuracy

Speeding tickets are issued in various ways. A popular one is when a police officer stops your car and writes you a ticket. Police officers use radar guns or speed guns to detect speed. If a police officer issued the ticket, you could dispute the accuracy of the radar gun. The following factors may cause a speed gun to report false readings:

  • Poor maintenance of the radar gun
  • Improper calibrations
  • Interference from reflective surfaces
  • Incorrect use of the radar gun

If you can prove that any of the above factors may have interfered with the speed gun readings, the court may review the ticket and rule in your favor.

Dispute Traffic Camera Accuracy

Traffic cameras are used to clock driver speed. However, they are not infallible; therefore, you can dispute their accuracy. For example, the camera can clock another vehicle instead of yours and slap you with a violation. Therefore, if you are sure that you were not driving beyond the speed limit, your lawyer can dispute the camera's readings.

If you have received a speeding ticket, don't just pay the fine and move on. A traffic ticket can affect your driving record and cause your insurer to increase your premiums. Therefore, contact a lawyer who can help you fight the ticket.