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3 Things To Provide Your Personal Injury Attorney

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If you have been injured, you need to make sure that you are getting all the help that you need. That can include going to see a personal injury attorney who can help you get the money that you may be entitled to because of pain and suffering. Once you have decided what attorney you are going to work with, there are some things that you need to provide your attorney so that they can help you with your case. 

Medical Release

One thing that you are going to need to provide to your attorney is a medical release. This is something you sign with your doctor and tell your attorney that you have done. The release is what will allow your doctor to talk to your attorney and answer any of their questions. Without that, the doctor legally can't answer any questions your attorney may have. When you sign the release, you get to specify who the doctor can talk to and what they can talk about. You also get to set the length of time that the release is viable. In general, that's only one year, but you can shorten the time if you feel like it's necessary. 

Medical Records

This is something that you can get from your doctor at the same time you sign your medical release. You can request all your records or a portion of your records. For example, you may only want to give your attorney the records concerning your accident. That means you have to request only those records about your accident. If you only request records about a certain thing, it may take your doctor longer to provide them, since they are going to have to go through your records to make sure that they aren't sharing anything that you don't want to have shared. Some offices may charge a certain amount per page over a set amount. 

Your Account

You will also want to provide your attorney with a record of your side of the accident. Your record should include everything that happened to you, even if it feels like a small thing. Be as clear as you can. Be as honest as possible. You may feel like you'd like to fudge a little to make yourself look better, but the fact is that if you do that, then your attorney risks getting hit with unknowns when they are negotiating or in court. 

If you have been hurt, then you should find a good personal injury law firm to help you.