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The Dangers Of Recanting A Domestic Violence Report

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You and your significant other got into a fight and the police ended up at the scene. You either said something in a moment of anger or felt pressured into filing a complaint - and your significant other was arrested on a domestic violence charge. You want to straighten out the mess and stop the process. Can you? Someone Committed A Crime Essentially, the problem is this: either your significant other committed a crime or you did (at least according to the prosecutor). Read More»

What You Should Know About Car Accidents Involving Hands-Free Devices

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There are currently 14 states that have laws in effect that prohibit the use of cellphones and other types of electronic devices while driving. These laws are in place to protect other drivers and to prevent accidents; however, accidents can still occur when people are using hands-free devices while driving. If you are in an accident with someone that was using a hands-free device, he or she may still be liable for the accident. Read More»

Damages That You May Sue For After Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident

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A serious car accident can turn a normal day into the beginning of a long hassle that involves dealing with insurance companies and trying to get your vehicle repaired. If you sustain injuries in a car accident that is not your fault, things can become even more complicated as you go through the recovery process. When it comes to a settlement offer after a car accident that involves injury, you are entitled to compensation for more than just the cost of getting your car repaired. Read More»

Common Questions About Auto Accidents Involving Personal Injury Protection Policies

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Being involved in a car accident can carry any number of repercussions for you. In addition to the possibility of permanent injuries, you can also be forced to pay staggering medical bills. Luckily, there is a type of insurance that is designed to protect you against exactly these repercussions. However, if you have never heard of personal injury protection policies, there is a strong chance that you likely want to know a couple of answers before deciding to purchase this type of policy. Read More»

Why You Should Consider Plea Bargaining

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Why do people accept plea bargain offers if it eliminates the chance of getting lighters sentences from the judge or jury? Well, there are several advantages of plea bargaining, for example, you:  Know Exactly What You Are Getting If your case goes before a judge or jury, then it becomes very difficult to predict what will happen to you. Sure, your lawyer will probably tell you the maximum and minimum sentencing your charges carry, but these tend to vary widely. Read More»