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5 Examples Of Cases A Mass Tort Lawyer Can Work On

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Do you feel like you are involved in a legal matter that could benefit from help from a mass tort lawyer? It will definitely help to know some examples of the kind of cases they work on, so you can then determine if they are a right fit for your case. 

Defective Product Cases 

One common mass tort case is for defective products. A mass tort lawyer can help represent you and others in court when you are trying to prove that a product caused many people to become injured. A defective product can be any consumer product, but it also includes medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs as well. 

Workplace Exposure Cases

Were you and other employees at your workplace exposed to toxic substances? This can cause an injury that you shouldn't have to live with and is often the case when employees are assigned to work around benzene or asbestos. Workplace exposure cases are perfect for a mass tort lawyer because you will have multiple employees in the same working condition with similar injuries. This makes it much easier to prove than one single person proving their own injury due to exposure to a harmful substance.

Medical Malpractice Cases

While a medical malpractice case is often seen as a lawsuit that an individual makes against a medical professional, it can be included in mass tort cases in some situations. This is often the case when a doctor or hospital has a history of harming patients, performing misdiagnoses, or making surgical errors. The more consistently they make mistakes, the more people will be injured, which can help bring a mass tort case to court to seek compensation. 

Consume Fraud Cases

A consumer fraud case can be brought to court when a company engages in misleading or deceptive behavior that causes consumers to become injured in some way, which can be physically or financially. This is often when a company knows that a product can be harmful, but then sells it anyway because they want to make a profit. A company can also engage in identity theft, illegally selling information to others, or credit card fraud. 

Environmental Disaster Cases

Environmental disasters are making the news more often these days since the train derailment in East Palestine, OH. When a company does something to the environment that affects others, by either causing health problems or even ruining the area where they live, an environmental disaster mass tort can be brought against them.