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What A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do Win Your Drug Possession Charge

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Being arrested and charged for drug possession can be scary. If you're convicted, you may spend considerable time behind bars, have a permanent criminal record against your name, or be compelled to pay hefty fines. And before your case is completed, you may have to go through interviews, hearings, and other legal procedures that could be draining. The good news is that you don't have to handle this process yourself. A criminal defense lawyer can guide you through the procedures and fight to get you the best resolution. Keep reading to learn what they'll do to help you win your case. 

Working Out Defense Strategies

Because drug possession accusations are serious, you need a solid defense to get a lower sentence or dismissal. You'll agree that developing these strategies on your own can be challenging, especially if you've never been through the corridors of justice before. Reading online publications and watching videos may give you a hint that may not be sufficient to help you prove to the court that you aren't guilty. 

A lawyer can find an effective defense strategy to support you and punch holes in the prosecution's evidence. They may argue that the law enforcement agencies harassed you while you were being arrested, or they had no cause to search your body, home, or vehicle. Alternatively, they may argue that the drugs found in your car or home didn't belong to you and offer an explanation of how they reached wherever they were. If the jury finds these explanations reasonable, they may dismiss your case or give you a lesser penalty. 

Explaining Penalties

The penalties for drug possession charges depend on the type of drug found under your care and its quantity. However, your penalties may be less severe if you're a first-time offender. But if you've been jailed for a similar crime, you may be sentenced to several years or be charged with a hefty fine. Plus, you may lose the opportunity to get employment or enroll in a learning institution because of your criminal record. A lawyer can help you get a reduced penalty if you're found guilty. They may talk to the prosecution to offer you a plea bargain on the condition that your name is cleared, and you get a lesser sentence for your charges. 


You should have a lawyer by your side from the moment you're arrested up to the time you're sentenced. They'll protect you from being intimidated by investigators during interviews, represent your interests at trial, and protect your rights. With these professionals' input, you'll have minimal hassles to deal with because they'll take care of all the legal procedures for you.

If you've been arrested for possessing drugs, contact a criminal defense lawyer. They'll use the resources within their reach to provide you with the best defense and get you a favorable outcome.