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How To Protect Your Rights After Being Knocked Down By A Vehicle When Walking On Foot

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Walking along a busy highway is generally risky. It exposes you to the risk of getting hit by a car or motorcycle. When you encounter such an unfortunate event, you need to take the right legal steps to ensure that you receive compensation for your bodily injuries and other damages. This article highlights the critical steps you need to take to protect yourself and your rights after being knocked down by a vehicle when walking on foot. 

Get Immediate Medical Care

After being struck by a car, move out of the road to avoid another accident that might complicate the situation. Then, examine your body to determine whether you have sustained any physical injuries. After that, get a medical examination from medical caregivers at the accident scene. However, because some injuries could manifest several days or weeks after the accident, it is advisable to visit the hospital for a thorough checkup. Only a comprehensive examination can reveal the severity of your injuries. Besides, it will enable you to obtain a doctor's report, which will be essential in strengthening your case.

Report the Accident to Law Enforcers

The wrongdoer might want to tamper with the accident scene to destroy evidence. Therefore, you need to report the incident to the law enforcers as soon as possible. Then, ensure that the driver and witnesses remain at the scene until the police arrive to conduct investigations. And even if the negligent driver defies your request, ensure that the witnesses do not leave so that they can provide essential accident details to the police. 

Investigators may also ask you to record a statement. You must be careful when giving your account to avoid saying something that could get you into trouble. Then, after the completion of the investigation, request a copy of the police report and ensure that all details are accurate. Your lawyer will need the police report to build a strong claim.

Contact Your Lawyer Immediately

Contacting a personal injury law attorney immediately after such an accident is essential. Typically, they will advise you to get the contact information of potential witnesses before leaving the scene. In addition, they will need you to take photos and videos of the accident scene and the surrounding areas. The clothes you were wearing during the accident will also form crucial evidence needed by your attorney to argue your case. 

Unfortunately, road accidents are inevitable. But learning the steps to take after encountering such a situation is essential as it increases your chance of receiving the rightful compensation. If unsure of how to address the situation, call your personal injury lawyer and ask for guidance. 

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