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Here's What You Need To Know About Paying Child Support

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If you pay child support, you know that things can change quickly. You can pay more or less over time, and it can be difficult to understand even your own situation. Are you confused about child support payments? You aren't alone.

These are a few things everybody should know about paying child support.

Your Support Order Can Be Modified

It is important to remember that your child support order can be modified. It can be modified so that you pay more or less depending on the situation. You can fight back against a modification request for you to pay more.

This means you also need to secure a child support attorney to protect yourself. You can protect yourself by securing legal representation that will help you avoid paying more money than is necessary.

Having More Children Changes Your Obligation

Keep in mind that the amount of money you pay can change if you have additional children. 

Failure to Pay Child Support Has Steep Consequences

Child support is meant to support a child you have brought into the world, and this means that there are serious consequences for not paying it. Your wages can be garnished, you could lose your driver's license, and you may find yourself in jail if you fail to pay your monthly obligation.

Child Support Can Last Longer Than You Think

While many people consider 18 to be the cut-off age for child support, this is not always the case. Many people actually end up paying child support until their child graduates from college. This is something that will be figured out in court when your initial order is put in place.

Child Support Considers Several Types of Income

Your child support order takes into consideration your income from work, tips, and rental income. Always be honest when you report your income to the court, and consult with your attorney if you worry about which types of income count toward your obligation.

Hire a Child Support Attorney

No matter the situation, make sure to pay child support after you have been ordered to do so. Even if you have questions, you must continue paying to ensure you are not in contempt of court, which has serious consequences.

Call a child support attorney like Dawn M Ogrodny PC today to discuss your case and make sure that you are meeting your obligations and that you are well-represented in court.