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3 Things You Can Control During A Child Custody Battle

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Going through a divorce was never cracked up to be a non-stop party, but it isn't always challenging, either. It can be a mix of good times and bad ones. While you are going through a divorce and facing the reality of child support and custody battles, it is important to take excellent care of yourself. Talk to your divorce lawyer about any concerns you have in how you should conduct yourself during this time, and consider these four things you can control during a divorce battle.

You Have the Power to Control Your Punctuality and Consistency

Your children will need to stick to a schedule more consistently than ever during a divorce. It can feel like the life that your kids knew has completely transformed. The truth is that their lives have changed and won't be the same again after a divorce. However, by providing consistency with your schedule and showing them that you will always show up on time, you are showing your kids that they can rely on you even in a tough situation.

You Have the Power to Create a Happy Home Life for Your Kids

No matter how acrimonious things may get during a court battle, it is totally within your power to create a happy home life for your children. Plan activities and provide fun, healthy snacks. Be proactive to create a happy environment for your kids to thrive in. If you wallow in your sorrow over the divorce when your children aren't around, be sure to avoid indulging those feelings when your children are present.

You Have the Power to Control Your Communication Style

You may want to curse at your ex every time that they are rude to you, but you don't have to give in to expressing any emotion at all to your ex. Since they likely know how to push your buttons, they may be even trying to upset you so that you will make an outburst that may give them an upper hand. However, you can control how you respond. Step away if tempted to go into a rage around your ex.  

Finally, keep in mind that there are still many other things in your control during a divorce and custody battle, too. While you may be ordered to pay more child support than you want to pay or obligated to do other things by the court, you can still control many other things in your life. Take a deep breath and consult your divorce lawyer if you have any questions on your rights, and focus on moving on while focusing on doing the positive things within your power.