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Workers' Compensation Myths Refuted

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When you suffer the unfortunate luck of being injured at work, you can plummet into an intense period of financial turmoil. To protect you from the worst financial consequences of these injuries, there are workers' compensation policies that will cover the costs of treating your injuries and the wages that you missed. However, there are many misconceptions that can confuse individuals who need this protection. After you have these two myths refuted, you should find that you have a better idea about how to proceed following a workplace injury. 

Myth: Your Injury Must Occur on Your Employer's Property

There is a relatively common notion that your injuries are only covered under workers' comp policies if they occur when you are at your place of employment. However, there can be many reasons why you would need to be somewhere else for your work responsibilities. For example, you may be sent to a conference or be required to meet with a client in a local restaurant. 

If you are injured when you are performing a work-related duty away from your place of employment, these policies will still offer you the same protection. Unfortunately, there may be times when your employer denies that you were actually performing work duties, and when you encounter this problem, you should seek the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. 

Myth: You Are Unable to Return to Work Until You Are Fully Healed

Missing lots of work can be very stressful because of the loss of earnings and the disruption to your routine. While workers' compensation will pay much of your lost earnings, it will not fully cover commissions or bonuses. Not surprisingly, many people want to return to work as soon as possible following an injury. However, it is commonly held that you will only be cleared to return to your duties when you are completely healed from your injuries. 

Fortunately, this is not always the case, and your doctor may be able to clear you for light work duties. This is most often possible for individuals that have suffered injuries with lengthy rehabilitation times. 

Workers' compensation can be one of the best options for minimizing the financial impacts of suffering an injury while you are at work. Yet, if you have never needed this type of protection, you may not understand what it provides you. Having the knowledge that these policies can apply to injuries that occur away from your place of employment and that you may be able to return to work before you are completely healed can help you to understand how this type of protection will assist you.