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Exposing A Few Myths Concerning Dog Bite Cases

Dogs are extremely popular pets to own. However, it is an unfortunate fact that some dogs are far more aggressive than others. As a result, it is possible for individuals to suffer particularly serious bites from these animals. When you suffer a serious dog bite, it is possible to suffer extensive injuries that require medical […]

How Refusing Field Sobriety Tests Can Affect Your DUI Charges

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, you may be worried about the effect this may have on your ability to drive in the near future. Some people get nervous when they are pulled over by the authorities and refuse field sobriety tests. This includes refusing to complete a breathalyzer test and failure […]

Relief In A Hurry: What To Know About An Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, eviction or losing your vehicle to a repossession, a bankruptcy filing may be the answer. Bankruptcy contains a provision known as the automatic stay, which gives filers a temporary reprieve from collection actions. Most bankruptcy filings, however, contain reams of paperwork that can take […]

Could You Be Prevented from Owning Guns If You Receive Social Security Disability?

If you’re currently receiving federal disability benefits for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or another mental illness, you likely rely on these payments to keep yourself afloat financially. Even if your mental illness is well managed, it can sometimes be difficult to hold down full-time employment (especially if you have other physical ailments). However, a proposed federal regulation could […]

4 Important Factors In A Wet Floor Slip & Fall Case

If you slip and fell at a place of business on a wet floor, there are a few things that you need to you need to know if you want to pursue a personal injury case against the business.  #1 It’s The Owner’s Responsibility To Provide A Safe Premise The first thing that you need […]

4 Ways To Make Your Car Accident Personal Injury Case More Solid

If you were involved in a car accident that resulted in personal injuries to you that you want to seek compensation for, there are a few things that you can do to strengthen your case. Two of the suggestions on the list are connected to actions taken at the scene of the accident and two […]

3 Ways To Save Money When Getting Divorced

If you are going through a divorce, there are many hidden small ways that the cost of your divorce can quickly rise. Here are three ways to keep control of the cost of your divorce. #1 Keep Your Emails & Conversations On Topics In the day and age of instant communication, it can be easy […]

DUI Charge? Increase Your Chances Of Getting Your Driving Privileges Reinstated

If you are charged with a DUI, your driver’s license will be immediately suspended. This makes life very difficult, especially if you have to go without your license for a long period of time. To prevent this from happening, follow the tips below. DMV Hearing When you are arrested and your driver’s license is taken […]

Rules To Keep In Mind When Filing An Auto Accident Lawsuit In Arkansas

If you were recently in a car crash, then you are probably dealing with a lot of different sources of stress. You might have some pretty hefty medical bills and auto repair bills, which can ultimately add up to a lot of money that you are forced to pay. To help make these burdens a […]

Is Your Personal Injury Claim Heading To Court? Watch What You Wear!

If you pay attention to celebrity news, you might think from watching cases involving celebrities that pajamas (like those worn by Michael Jackson) are appropriate courtroom attire. Alternately, if you take your cues from actresses like Lindsay Lohan, you could be led to believe that sheer body suits are acceptable for court. While most people […]